Homeopathy Highlight Challenge 2018

The Challenge

As a student of homeopathy, you probably hear from family and friends their ideas, notions and misconceptions about homeopathy and what is trending around complementary medicine.  The trustees of the Homeopathy Action Trust are challenging you to tell everyone your point of view by creating a short video that highlights your love of homeopathy.

Create a 1-2 minute pithy video that showcases your love of homeopathy in a concise, captivating and practical way.
Be brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression; full of vigour, substance and meaning.

The Winners

Stephen Gordon Prize awarded to: Tracy Templeton, student of Southern College of Homeopathy:
(Please note: this video contains flashing imagery.)


Peter Fisher Prize awarded to: Gosia Charysz, student of Southern College of Homeopathy:


Jerome Whitney Prize awarded to: Charlotte Grey, student of the North West College of Homeopathy:


Thank you

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