Five Years in Africa

A short film documenting the successful work of NGO ‘Homeopathy for Health in Africa’ treating AIDS widows and patients in Northern Tanzania with homeopathy.

AIDS is devastating Africa. Somewhere between 24 and 30 million Africans are infected with HIV and 1.5 to 2 million die of AIDS each year. The disease has left 14 million children orphaned.

Homeopathy for Health in Africa is a voluntary non-profit organization treating AIDS patients with homoeopathy. They have been in northern Tanzania since 2009 when homoeopathic practitioners Jeremy and Camilla Sherr moved with their young children and opened the first clinic. There are currently twelve clinics in the Kilimanjaro region, ranging from back yards and huts in rural villages to AIDS support centres, a Maasai village and two hospitals.

Most of HHA’s patients report an increase in energy and well-being and an improvement in the side effects of anti-retroviral treatment (which they continue alongside homeopathy). With homoeopathy, the charity is able to treat most opportunistic infections, and help reduce the occurrence of malaria. Hospital doctors, nurses, church leaders and homeopath volunteers talk of the incredible results they witness when homeopathy is added to conventional treatment. AIDS patients Linda, Mary and Richard all talk about the life-line which homeopathy has given them, enabling them to work, take care of families, and renew their hope again.

The film sensitively evokes the complex tales of beauty, suffering, treatment and hope in the battle against AIDS in this small corner of Africa.

This film was made by the Homeopathy Action Trust – please support our work to help us make more films about homeopathy around the world – donate here.  This film cost nearly £10,000 to produce. It was sponsored solely by donations received by the Homeopathy Action Trust. Please help us sponsor more films and donate generously on the link above. The highest donation received by 20th June will win a gorgeous £150 Ottolenghi Hamper!

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