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Banerji Protocols – Homeopathy for common and serious conditions

24th June 2017 - 26th June 2017

After a successful and well-attended seminar of the Banerji Protocols in the UK last year, Dr Prasanta and Dr Pratip Banerji are returning with more protocols, case presentations and not-to-be-found elsewhere information on Homeopathy!

A distinguished family of four generations of homeopathic doctors. The largest homeopathic clinic in the world visited by over 300.000 patients a year. The Banerjis have, during their long careers, collected an enormous amount of medical data and used it for scientific research. Together with their team, the Banerjis have discovered which remedies were most effective for which disease, safe and without side-effects. This knowledge has been brought together in the Banerji Protocols.

The Banerji Protocols are a collection of medicine prescriptions. Some are for serious affections. Others for less severe, but often occurring disorders. The fact that these protocols are the result of such extensive research, makes them so unique. So, it is not surprisingly that the Banerji Protocols have gone all over the world during the last eighteen years. We are very privileged to have them return to the UK.

The Banerjis are very generous with their information and their mission is to make Homeopathy a People’s Medicine available to everyone from all walks of life.

In this 2-day seminar you will see why the system of the Banerji Protocols appeals to so many practitioners worldwide and is used to treat thousands of patients with both acute and chronic problems.

The seminar will cover:

  • The Banerji Protocols – The People’s Medicine
  • Banerji Protocols and Immunology. Hyperimmune Diseases
  • Immunotherapy with the Banerji Protocols
  • The Protocols put into practise – individualising the lines of treatment
  • The correct way to prescribe using the Banerji Protocols; combining remedies, liquid dose, split dose, exact dosage and potencies
  • Fine tuning in the Materia Medica and how to treat with which dilution and why
  • Presentation of cases covering a wide range of conditions from Psoriasis, Alopecia, Cholelithiiasis, Ovarian cysts, Wound healing to  Benign tumours, Chronic Liver Failure, Chronic Kidney Failure and many more.
  • Cancer – a failure of the Immune system – presentation of management of  cases for various cancers including postoperative recurrence of Glioma, Bronchogenic Cancer, Adenocarcinoma Pancreatic Carcinoma to name a few.
  • Tissue specific remedies
  • And much more…

The Master Class  on Monday 26th June will only be available to people who have attended the 2-day seminar. 


What will be covered at the Master Class?

  • Small group interactive study of Banerji Protocolos with the Doctors.
  • Live case studies to demonstrate case taking and prescribing as per the Banerji Protocols
  •  Additional protocols not published anywhere.
  • Detailed explanations of when and how to change the protocols for the patients during the long treatment.
  • Discussion of cases brought by attendees and any questions that arise about the protocols.


Times:  Saturday: 10am-6pm

                Sunday: 10am-6pm

                Monday:  Master Class:  10am-5pm



EARLY- BIRD RATES – END 31st March 2017
2- Day Seminar :       £199.00                                                                          

2- Day Seminar + Master Class                                                   £275.00

2- Day Seminar + Book ( The Banerji Protocols –  £275.00

A New Method of Treatment  with Homeopathic Medicines)                          

2-Day Seminar + Master Class + Book                                        £350.00

COST FROM 1st April 2017                

2- Day Seminar                                                                             £250.00

2- Day Seminar + Master Class                                                     £350.00

2-Day Seminar + Book (Banerji Protocols)                                    £325.00

2-Day Seminar + Master Class + Book                                          £425.00

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Details – www.banerjiprotocols.com




Payment: By Cheque:  Please make this payable to Nimisha Parekh, 29 Chesham Way, Watford, WD18 6NX

Bank transfer:  Please contact Nimisha; 07951152490

Online:  www.banerjiprotocols.com 


Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear about and learn the tried and tested protocols for conditions we see in our practice – both acute and chronic conditions

Useful links:  https://www.wddty.com/magazine/2013/december/the-evidence-for-homeopathy.html





24th June 2017
26th June 2017
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